Telemedicine is an old discipline. We were involved in the first projects in the mid 90’s, sadly not impressive projects as neither technology, user interfaces or the human readiness were present.

Today the situation is different. Very different. Telemedicine has gone from projects to true products and services – it is all real now. The technology, the user interfaces and the human readiness is more than ready and Brandemann is involved in a number of projects in Northern Europe. 

Projects for the offshore community involving ferries, oil & gas sector, fisheries, and general shipping is now being implemented. But the onshore solutions involving regional solutions both stationary as well as mobile (rescue vehicles) are growing substantially.

Therefore we have decided to give this “old” discipline its separate service area. We have also been appointed to deliver the market leading solution named AescuLink made by market leader Global Health Care Gmbh. Please read more about this on: