Innovative and alternative solutions

Our consulting rests on a profound understanding of the market and the current practice in our field of business. Our starting point is the current situation and objectives of the customer. As our consulting is based on comprehensive experience, we are never “starting all over”. We are aware and respect that not two clients are alike and the end goal is rarely the same.

Innovative and alternative solutions. Our believe that solutions and components may be combined in multiple ways to match the specific requirements of the customer. Our large base of previous cases will help you being inspired and making the right choice.

We provide consulting within these fields :

  • Communications & network technologies : satellite technologies (maritime and terrestrial mobile and fixed services) VSAT, broadband point-to-point (WiMax, WiFi, LTE, radio links). We assist with the  determining the proper solution and in cost-efficient acquisition and implementation processes.
  • New installations or refurbishments.
  • Efficiency improvement. or upgrading of existing installations.
  • Determination of requirement specifications and management of tender processes. A proper requirement specification leads to a proper proposal. Let us assist you in this proces. We have tremendous experience and cases with savings of +50% and improved solutions at the same time.  
  • IT Platforms; design and match of  hardware, operating systems, security and applications. 
  • Implementation projects. Our hands-on experience provide constructive sparring.
  • Project Management of new and ongoing projects. With success we have taken over projects running of track, getting them back on track on time.
  • Technical Due Diligence.
  • Market and Customer analysis.
  • Telemedicine Solutions for rural as well as offshore.