Client A;
The client had not reviewed his performance or his contractual terms for his satellite communications for 4 years. The client therefore asked Brandemann to conduct a comprehensive review of these terms and the setup in general. After a review of the existing solution, contractual terms and pricing, a dialogue with the supplier was initiated in order to understand the reasoning behind the existing situation.

The contractual terms were deemed adequate and fair, the technological solution was however outdated and the pricing did not match market conditions. Continuing the dialogue with the supplier an agreement was reached that resulted in greatly improved technological performance and pricing in favor of the client.

The savings obtained through the new terms and technological update returned the investment in the consultant fees in three months.

Based on the results achieved, Brandemann was invited to come up with new ideas for communications solutions for the future. This resulted in a long-term plan executed by the client, which delivered much improved performance and even lower pricing. The investment in new technology and consultant fees had a pay-back of five months.

The solution has lasted for more than 5 years.

Client B;
A classic Request For Proposal (RFP) for satellite communications was issued. As part of the RFP process, the consultants had to review the existing set-up, which revealed very large invoices for voice services. After a technological review a new solution was created and annual savings in the range of several million Euros achieved. The consultants fee was 120K Euro.

Client C;
What initially appeared as a traditional Inmarsat contract was reviewed. The client’s demands for better service was explained more explicitly to the bidder. Revision of the products and pricing offered, delivered a 25% saving equaling more than 130.000 Euros per year. The consultant fee was in the 50.000 Euro bracket.

These are all examples of differentiated approaches for clients. We tailor our assistance to match the client’s needs in order to get the right solution, costs and conditions. A proper solution for one client is not necessarily a proper solution for other clients, but elements of a given solution may be of highly interesting to other clients.